Friday, 28 June 2019

An Easy-To-Make Digital Signboard

Here's an easy to make all-purpose digital signboard. All you need are just three craft materials.

1. Plastic corrugated board (PCB);
2. Elastic cord;
3. Reflective tape or just plain white adhesive tape

And of course, the necessary cutting tools.


- I think the pictures themselves are quite explanatory;
- Just cut up pieces of black PCB to match segments of the digital number (7x for one number segment); Use two segment sets for two numbers, three for three, etc.;
- Use the reflective tape to make the segments white on one side;
- Make sure the elastic cord can pass through the inside of the PCB;
- Poke holes to secure the elastic segments; Alternatively, you can line the segments up, poke all the holes and use one continuous elastic cord to link all the segments together. This will ensure an even tight fit;
- Use another board to cover up the rear side for a neater look (hide the cords);
- To use, just flip the required segments to form a number.

This segmented numbering is quite commonly found in electronics LED indicators.

Electronics 7-segment LED display

White on black scoreboard

Just flip the segments to form a number.
Advantage of this digital board is:
- Cheap;
- Highly visible;
- Simple construction;
- Weather proof;
- etc., etc.

- Game scoring; site safety indication (number of accident-free days); number of customers served; waiting time, etc., etc.

Hope this information has been useful. (Btw, you can also make this out of wood.)    

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