Sunday 25 February 2018

A Life In Jade (Gallery)

Hi, here are more pieces of my mom's handiwork of jade, gemstones and others...below.

She usually buys pieces such as clasps, strings, beads and crystals from wholesalers to enhance her jade and gemstone creations. As a kid I used to accompany her to both North and South Bridge Road to source for stuff, including trips to goldsmith shops to "seong" - put on gold - on jade, either as a loop (for necklace) or clasp (jade bangles) or brooch, etc.

When we kids (7 of us) were busy with school as teenagers, it was my eldest sis Alice who helped my mom in these chores, often carting back bags of stuff to begin "work". It was my mom's hobby as well as means of earning income. By then my eldest sis had already started work (first at BATA, then Amigo Trading), which was a relief! According to my sis, there were many such wholesale costume jewellery shops along Carpenter Street and Circular Road (that stretch of North Bridge Road) that catered to this industry. Now there's only one shop left.

Here is a recent picture of my sis with the last surviving wholesaler of costume jewellery and parts. Yeo Ho Seng Trading, soon to relocate as well due to high rents. (An eatery opposite is paying $19,000 a month.)

Last surviving shop. Over 40 years in business.

My mom only liked working with real jade and gemstones. She liked their feel, color and lustre. Below are her some of her creations meant for selling. She has passed on leaving behind a cache of finished and unfinished work. Enjoy, and if you see a piece you like, let me know. My mom would be happy that it made you look good or pretty. ;-) Well, some pieces are worn for posterity and are auspicious in nature (especially the carving theme).  

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Thank you once again,

- TC

Note: Some shots look like double-take but is actually showing other side of jade carving. Some merely show different sized beads. Many of the pieces are cool to the touch (real stones by nature, no plastic beads).

(For previous story and more pics (e.g jade bangles), do click here A Life In Jade)

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