Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Please Forgive Me

Please Forgive Me
- A parody - by TC Lai (9th may 2017 )

Still feels like our first Whatsapp together
Feels like the first GIF, of your amazing tits baby
Flipping like a wallswitch those...
Still forwarding on, you perverted asshole
Last time we Whatsapp, you needed spellcheck
You couldn't spell "boner", told me you're a "goner"
And so I turned my cell off

So if you're feeling lonely - hah!
Go get yourself a RealDoll?
It can really do you good
Also can love it more than you should...

So relieved is me, not part of your horny gig
Even spellcheck had problems understanding you
So deny me, all these pain I'd to go through
So forgive me, not like you really need me to
Please forgive me, I already have stopped loving you

Nope, our Facebook status is not "together"
Each memory is an ouch!
Not getting closure baby?
Haven't stalked me enough?
Don't be holding on
You're still making me numb
I remember the smell of your skin
Like sweaty balls all a stink
I remember all your movies
Of you getting whipped or spanked
You getting thru nights, hugging my leg tight

So you're a giant baby, you
How can you be the one I want?
I only want a sweet man's mojo
So If you love me let me go
So forgive me, not giving you what you want
So forgive me, I've stopped loving you
Take panadol if you got pain and weak stool
So forgive me, I've not there with toilet paper
So believe me (oh believe me), you're a baby still
So forgive me, I've already stopped loving you

The one thing I'm sure of
If you want to make love
The RealDoll is what you can depend on
Calling her my name is wrong
With every hump and twerk you'll be getting
A girl who is never denying

So forgive me, if I cannot stare blankly
So forgive me, if my "downstairs" is not rubbery
Thank God there is no more pain to go through
I forgive you, your magazines and porn
No one believed me, you horny son-of-a-gun
So forgive me, when I post my revenge porn

Hah, believe, I don't even care a hoot
You deserve this, you bloody horny toad
Christian, I'd stopped loving you

The end.

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