Sunday, 15 March 2020

Singaporise It!

FT on coronavirus (pix received on 15th March 2020)

Can Lah!

You have a virus situation
Blur-blur about your resolution
Singaporise it!

You have a clogged up road system
Pained 'bout arterial revitalisation
Singaporise it!

You have not a beautiful garden city
Eyesore from too much concretelitis
Singaporise it!

You have civil demonstrations everyday
Can't get to work go everywhere delay
Singaporise it!

Singapore, the land is small
Singapore, people come to the fore
No matter the race, language or religion
We come together as one tokong union

Because a paper boat can stay afloat
Because a paper plane can fly
Because if paper can crease for a moment
To square up a dream
So we shall, so we shall

Our forefathers give us strength
Our children give us vision
Our harbour has forever flowered aspirations
So, if...

You have a handful of Asian padi rice
A laokwayhbu that's old, plum and pretty nice
Singaporise it!

You have some black sauce, flat noodles and cockles
A kwali and wokchan, wrist action with power
Singaporise it!

You have a thing for dried shrimp, coconut milk and spices
Plus taupok, boiled egg and fishcake
Singaporise it!

Chicken rice super nice
Charkwayteow "wo lai liao!"
Laksa anytime no lasa

So, if you have a problem you cannot solve
Look to this Tiny Dot that has much resolve
To live in Peace, Harmony and Progress
To set a example for the REST

You have rampant shootings in the schools
Children frightened hiding under stools
Singaporise it!

You have druggies, pushers hanging out at street corner
Perhaps white powder for the rich to savour
Singaporise it!

You have media mastheads of every font and color
Op-eds lambasting every issue, creed or color
Teach us leh!
Don't just Singaporise it!


- by TC Lai 15th March 2020

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