Wednesday, 12 February 2020

In Love With A Married Woman

In Love With A Married Woman
- by TC Lai, 11 Feb 2020

I am in love with a married woman
The way she walks the way talks
Even the way she holds her fork and spoon
Are the little things I liked of a girl long ago

You will never tire thinking back
Of how you had wanted to say hi
If she would hold your hand
Or maybe dance that dance you had in mind

The big question
The big occasion
The honeymoon

I look at this married woman and feel
All those memories
And the ones only together with kids can make
And wonder earnestly if she feels the same

I wonder too of the work I need to do
To covet what that is not mine
If I need to run her husband over with a car
Or just accost him in a dark alley

To get him to give up what is obviously
A lost cause for him
For that married woman has given me a smile
That she might climb onto this adventure

I am dreaming of and am punctuating
With lovely imagery
For the years ahead are still pretty long

Then I get smacked on the head
"Eh buddy, why are you staring at her so long?
She's your wife, ain't she?"

"No lah, just thinking of an old song," I lied,
Embarrassed, but somewhat true

Some married women are best left alone
But there's only one I'd rather keep by my side

The end

(Note: A different take on the usual Valentines Day poem. :-))

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