Monday, 2 February 2015

Milkmaid - The Victoria Secret Version

In old Singapore, tapowing (carrying away) hot coffee or tea in an empty condensed milk can was the norm from the local coffeeshops (kopitiams). After all, the tins were just sitting there after all the milk has been used making milk tea (nai cha) or spreaded over toast-bread.

Today, this practice has diminished somewhat with the use of plastic bags with strings.

But there are still kopitiams that use them (like near near my home). Why is the tin useful? Well, it can serve as a cup. But the plastic bag works (and popular with construction workers) because you can hang it anywhere. And no worries; the hot tea or coffee does cool off quite fast and can be drunk safely with a straw. ;-)

Here's my take on why the popular Milkmaid brand used so much in the past is no more! ;-)

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