Thursday, 29 January 2015

Food Factories in Woodlands Loop

It's been known for a long time that food factories in this JTC building (at Blk 15 Woodlands Loop) have been selling their merchandise direct to the public. CCs have even organised tours to bring people here to shop, not withstanding the big delivery trucks that trundle in and out of the factories.

Just today, I decided to take a look at what they are selling after having that excellent Hakka yong tau foo at the Hong Lik kopitiam in nearby Blk 20.

Here is a sample of what you can find (I tried to include addresses in the pics or at least a neighbor's signboard). From factories at levels 3 & 4. Just walk about and explore. All pics below taken by TC Lai.

Including CNY goodies!
Nonya and wine bak gua.
Kimchi bak gua anyone? I think the inspiration came from
that Sarang Kimchi factory next door!
I had Ark (duck) kut teh before. Duck bak gua? Hmm...
More new year goodies!
J&C cheesecakes, brownies and roll cakes.
J&C also sells CNY goodies and puffs and eclairs!

J&C mini eclairs and durian cream puffs.
$5 for two jars of local chilli! $12++ for Lo Hei!
More CNY goodies.

More CNY goodies!This factory outlet has the traditional
Chinese rice or 'cloud slice' cakes.
This one does tiffin catering.
Vegetarian New Year goodies!
Satay and BBQ items (see next pix).
The address.
Their van with address and tel no.
Sin -Li-Hin (#04-01/04) has a wide selection of frozen items. 
Sample dishes.
Frozen prawns, scallops, clams, etc.
Many freezers of goodies.
Next door factory selling other gourmet stuff.
Same factory (with items in foam boxes).
E Frozen also got much stuff. Steamboat, shabu shabu, sea cucumbers...
Soon Kueh ready for steaming!
Top is Curry whipped potato fried bun.
Innocuous soon kueh and shui jing kueh factory. 
Address of soon kueh and shui jing kueh joint.
Aileng all-puff factory. Another factory sells the British type curry puff pastry.
From nonya kueh factory (they supply to hotels).
Types of flour they use.
Note level and unit address.
Next door got more CNY goodies.
Nonya nine-layer kueh (nice and soft!) + red bean big drop kueh.
Ooh, shui jing kueh! 
Shabu Shabu & Steamboat stuff from E Frozen (Big Thumb, see pix above).

E Frozen also offers online delivery

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